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Game Theory .net published in the Online Section of the Journal of Economic Education.

Journal of Economic Education Selection
Volume 34, No. 34, p. 388 (2003)
From the article:
Game Theory.net demonstrates the ubiquity of game theory. An archive of news articles from the popular press motivates the study by showing how game theory can address questions as diverse as why seat belt laws increase the rate of accidents, how we can force legislators to reform campaign finance, and why the last egg laid by certain birds is of a different color than the others. Another section of the site incorporates movies and books with related themes, appropriate for classroom diversions or independent study.

The primary goal of the web site is to provide interactive teaching tools for students. Many applets were created for the site, and links to some others are also included. Applets demonstrate concepts such as Bayes' rule, the winner's curse, and certainty equivalents, or provide tools for solving simultaneous games and (extensive form) game trees. One applet, for example, has students play the repeated prisoner's dilemma against different computer personalities. Defecting occasionally can be profitable when playing against a personality who is slow to react, but don't try that against a more spiteful opponent who will never trust you again.

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