Game theory resources on the web.


Business strategy consulting firms using game theory.

SGG Strategic Gaming Group
"Practical application of game theory for situations where the actions of competitors, partners, and other stakeholders are important drivers."
meristem Meristem Consulting & Training
"Specializing in strategies for complex business situations using game theory.."
Criterion Criterion Economics
"Provides advice on strategic, economic, and business transformation matters to a diverse group of clients.."
CRA Charles River Associates
"Expertise in economics, finance, and business strategy consulting."
MDI Market Design Inc.
"Offers consulting services in the design of auction markets."
Strategic Decision Group Strategic Decisions Group
"A strategy consulting firm renowned for applying leading-edge decision theory."
Auctus Development Auctus Development
"Provides auction strategy and game theory consulting services to enterprises across the United States and around the world."
NERA NERA Economic Consulting
"An international firm of economists who understand how markets work."
Decision Insights Decision Insights, Inc.
"A game-theoretic system that is versatile, logical, and incredibly precise."
cornerstone Cornerstone Research
"Providing attorneys with consulting and expert testimony in complex commercial litigation."
ROG ROG (Real Options Group)
"Revolutionizing corporate strategy and bridging the gap between finance and strategic planning."
SantaFe Santa Fe Associates International
"Enable companies to 'co-evolve' with their business and social environments."
Economists Incorporated Economists Incorporated
"A premier economic consulting firm in the fields of law and economics, public policy, and business strategy."
Cariocas Cariocas, Inc.
"Engage and retain consumers through smart, integrated promotions."
Open Open Options
"Make more effective strategic choices in a complex environment."
IBM IBM Business Strategy Consulting
"Help each company identify its own solutions and its own competitive advantage."
F4S f4S (Fit for Strategy)
"The philosophy is based on the belief that effective strategy follows clear thinking."
Syllogix Management Consulting Syllogix Management Science Consulting
"Game Theory is precisely about making optimal decisions when facing dynamic opponents."
KeyPoint KeyPoint Consulting
"Provides economic, financial, and forensic accounting services to law firms, corporations, and government agencies."
Portland Portland Group
"Delivers services focused on assisting corporations to improve their efficiency and create measurable value."
"Provides litigation support, regulatory analyses, and management consulting."
PA PA Consulting Group
"Works closely with clients across all business sectors to apply sophisticated mathematical and statistical techniques."