Glossary of game theory terms.

absolute auction all-pay auction assurance game (technical) asynchrony auction auction theory auctions Antoine Augustin Cournot Top
backward induction battle of the sexes (informal) battle of the sexes (technical) Bayes Rule Bayes Theorem Bayes, Thomas Bernoulli, Daniel best reply dynamic bid bid rigging bidder bidder's choice Auction bidding increment bidding ring blind auction Borel, Emile business strategy button auction Top
cardinal payoffs Chicken, Game of (technical) Chinese auction collusion in auctions combinatorial auction combinatorial bid combinatorial game theory common knowledge complete information constant sum game cooperative game coordination game, pure (technical) Cournot, Antoine Augustin Cournot learning Top
Daniel Bernoulli Deadlock game (technical) discriminatory auction dominant strategy dominant strategy, strictly dominant strategy, weakly dominated strategy dynamic game Dutch auction Top
Edgeworth, Francis Emile Borel English auction efficiency equilibrium equilibrium refinement evolutionary game theory experimental economics extensive form Top
fictitious play first price auction fixed price auction Francis Edgeworth free rider free rider problem Top
game game of assurance (technical) game of chicken (technical) game of Nim game tree grim trigger strategy Top
Hawk-Dove game (technical) heuristic Hicks, John Hicks optimal history of game theory Top
incentive information, complete information, imperfect information, perfect iterated game imperfect information Top
Japanese auction John Hicks John Nash John von Neumann Julia Robinson Top
Kakutani, Shizuo knowledge, common knowledge, mutual Top
learning, Cournot Top
matching pennies (technical) minimum bid mixed strategy mixed strategy, totally Morgenstern, Oskar multiple item auction multiunit auction mutual knowledge Top
Nash, John Nash equilibrium Nash equilibrium, subgame perfect nature nature player Neumann, John von Nim Nim Game non-cooperative game non-credible threat normal form Top
ordinal payoffs ordinally symmetric game (technical) Oskar Morgenstern outcome Top
Pareto, Vilfredo Pareto coordination game (technical) Pareto dominated Pareto efficient Pareto optimal payoff payoffs Perfect Information player player, nature positive sum game principal agent prisoner's dilemma (informal) prisoner's dilemma (technical) procurement auction proxy bidder pure coordination game (technical) pure strategy Top
rationality refinement repeated game reserve price reverse auction ring Robinson, Julia Rock Paper Scissors (technical) rollback Top
schedule bid sealed bid auction second price auction sequential game Shizuo Kakutani simultaenous game single unit auction stag hunt game (technical) static game straight auction strategic form strategic management strategy strategy, mixed strategy, pure strictly dominant strategy subgame subgame perfect symmetric game Top
Thomas Bayes threat, noncredible tit for tat totally mixed strategy trigger strategy Top
uniform price auction utility Top
variable sum game Vickrey auction Vickrey, William Vilfredo Pareto Volunteer's Dilemma (technical) von Neumann, John Top
weakly dominant strategy William Vickrey Top
Yankee auction Top
zero sum game